Btech is a leader in the production of fabrics and technical clothing. The selection and use of innovative raw materials and fabrics, combined with constant research and development, make our products increasingly performing in terms of wearability and comfort.

Our team’s vast experience about textile technology allows us to offer the most suitable and innovative solutions, to meet the technical and stylistic needs of an increasingly attentive and demanding clientele.

All products are the result of a short production chain, and therefore controlled in detail, to ensure the highest quality standards. Most of the products can also be certified to comply with the strictest regulations.

Our clients ranges from technical clothing to sportswear and athleisure, finding in Btech’s products the most suitable answers in terms of comfort, performance and ‘fashion’.



Btech believes in sustainability, as a form of development and industrial progress. All the steps of the production phase are analyzed and carried out using the least impacting raw materials (ecologically and socially); increasing the life cycle of each product to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible.

The company designs collections that reward gender equality and sustainability as a new form of industrial “humanism”, where humans and their needs are the true excellence of each project.