Technologies are born to grow and evolve. “SEAMLESS” technology is a more than concrete example of this.

Born from classic hosiery, “seamless” is now experiencing a real explosion of interest and attention. The reasons for this “escalation” are certainly linked to the new technical potential and also to a new attention of end consumers towards real well-being and comfort offered by the clothing worn every day.

Initially used for the production of underwear, “seamless” technology is today a real melting pot of ideas, products and innovation. Thanks to the important technical-aesthetic advantages, garments made in “seamless” offer an incredible range of “pluses” that attract and satisfy different types of users.

  • Absence of side seams;
  • Possibility of creating different areas of breathability (with a strong increase in comfort and performance characteristics);
  • Possibility of passing from one yarn to another without any stitching;
  • Perfect “Fit” and wearability;
  • Logos and writings directly knitted for a wide customization of the garments, without post-weaving production steps;
  • Possibility of creating clothing that combines “seamless” technology with fabrics from other production technologies (in the packaging phase);
  • Unlimited stylistic offering

What once represented the limit of “seamless” were the diameters of the knitted tubes produced, today it no longer is, thanks precisely to the evolution that these machines are experiencing: in fact, the range of diameters available is now wider, offering the concrete possibility of producing even more “comfortable” items.

The possibility of alternating different knitting stitches within the same item of clothing opens up incredibly interesting horizons in the creation of highly breathable and high-performance articles, more or less elasticised, alternating and modifying the compressions in the desired areas.

Clothing for sportswear, workwear, fashion, technical underwear and much more…”No limits to Your fantasy”.

In other words, a new type of knitwear where the properties of the raw materials used and the weaves of the fabric are emphasized and create extremely technical but also “fashionable” clothing items.

“Seamless” technology is BTECH’s choice for the clothing of the present, but even more so for that of the future.