Shaping the future of textile protecting those who protect us. 

Designing and producing high-performance technical clothing is the main mission of the BTECH project.
Thanks to cutting-edge technology and continuous research into innovative materials and production techniques, our products guarantee a high level of comfort, excellent performance, high levels of safety and a perfect fit.
All our products are “made in Italy” and meet the “minimum environmental criteria“.


As BTECH we have created a line of technical clothing designed specifically to GUARANTEE THE HIGHEST STANDARDS OF PROTECTION.
Thanks to the fireproof characteristics, our products ensure complete insulation from fire, the seamless technology guarantees freedom of movement and action and the fibers used make our garments extremely resistant with excellent results in tests for color fastness, light fastness, rubbing and pilling.
Some of them are certified EN ISO 11612 and 1149-5:2018.


Our “base layer” line offers a high level of comfort and very high performance thanks to the different breathable areas created according to the “BODY SWEAT MAP”.
The sweat that comes out of the skin, if it doesn’t evaporate adequately, creates a film on the epidermis which blocks the pores and forces the body to make an additional effort to evaporate the drops of sweat.
To prevent this from happening, our garments are made with carefully selected fibers to ensure adequate evaporation and therefore to have good thermo-hygrometric well-being.
Our fabrics are also capable of carrying out thermal insulation, water vapor transport and thermoregulation activities as well as an antibacterial action.


Our fireproof technical clothing guarantees the highest standards of protection from fire and heat.
Btech fireproof garments are made to raise performance to another level allowing complete safety for the wearer.
The selection and use of innovative raw materials and fabrics, combined with constant research and development, make our products increasingly performing and allow us to offer the most suitable solutions to satisfy the real needs of our customers.
EN ISO 11612 certification allows us to offer garments with limited flame spread properties to protect those exposed to radiant heat, convective heat, contact with flames and molten metal splashes.


By applying the colors of the environment surrounding the military to the clothes the soldiers wear, they become part of the environment itself and make it difficult for the enemy to identify them.
The Btech collection includes some garments designed for green areas, wild woods or semi-arid areas.
The structures with which the garments for the military world are made include reinforced areas and padded structures to protect those who wear them, cushion any impacts and ensure complete freedom of movement during their use.


Some of our garments are made with Dryarn, a high-performance fibre.
It is an innovative yarn that offers the wearer comfort, technology and practicality.
Lightweight, insulating, breathable, Dryarn is the best ally for high quality performance, it is able to collect sweat and transfer it from the skin to the outside.
Thanks to its low thermal conductivity, Dryarn insulates perfectly from the external climate.