Gear up for adventure.

Gear up for adventure.

“It’s still late at night when the alarm goes off, I wake up from a sleep, never deep, maybe the adrenaline doesn’t allow me to rest long enough, but it doesn’t matter …, I’m charged up and ready to face this new adventure. I open the window, air is crisp, cold is bitter and the sky is still starry, the moon draws the profile of the mountains, the ones I will face shortly, in perfect solitude: I like to have an intimate relationship with the mountain, giving it due respect and a certain amount of fear to always keep attention high, indispensable to never put your foot in the wrong spot. Alone it’s fine, but in complete safety, safety that begins with the preparation of the backpack (faithful companion), with the choice of the right gear, with attention to the technical garments that allow me to feel comfortable in every situation and to face unexpected atmospheric events (in the mountains, takes place without warning), rain, wind, snow whether they are cold or hot: in summer I face medium-high mountain excursions, during winter it’s alpine skiing time,  but in both situations it’s essential that I choose the right technical clothing to protect, worm up, breathe, with the right weight to maintain the correct fit and ensure the best comfort to safely face any adventure that the strong mountains offers me “.

(cit. Fabrizio – Hardware Team Leader – San Domenico di Varzo).

Sunday, August 4th 2019 -Fabrizio on Monte Rosa, colle del Lys, 4248 m.

“… face with safety …”: our friend Fabrizio perfectly photographs the fundamental use of correct clothing, when man is immersed in nature and wants to experience it feeling comfortable and becoming one with the surrounding environment.

Btech Srl has made this fundamental concept its own: to produce technical clothing ensuring comfort and safety. Nothing arises from chance: the study of human needs and the adequate technological-textile development allow us to create technological, durable, comfortable clothing with high performance levels. The goal is to make Fabrizio and all who love and respect nature feel at ease, to learn about it by exploring it in full and total safety.

Fabrizio is our first “testimonial” of this new communicative adventure. Follow us to learn more about our new universal and humanistic “outdoor” world.

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